5 Things You Need to Know About Water Damage…

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  1. You might think that water is water, but flood damage is not covered under homeowner’s insurance. If you live in an area likely to experience flooding, you will probably already have a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Policy (NFIP). When you report the claim to the insurance company, make sure to specify whether the claim is for water damage or for flood damage, so they can begin adjusting your claim correctly.
  2. It is a good idea to look over your insurance policy and familiarize yourself with any exclusion to your water damage coverage. For instance, most policies cover sudden damage, like water damage from a really bad storm or from an overflowing washing machine. On the other hand, any water damage that happens because you didn’t maintain the property may be excluded, as well as gradual leaks that caused water damage over time.
  3. Once water damage has happened, the clock is ticking before it gets worse. Damage from the mold can produce serious health risks. Mold spores need moisture. This is what your wet carpet or drywall offers. There is a 24 to 48-hour window before mold will multiply rapidly. To prevent this you will need to get your property completely dry again within that 48-hour. You’ll need to contact someone that specializes in water damage restoration and emergency water extraction. They will have professional water removal equipment and drying equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible. Many have 24/7 emergency hotlines, so you can start recovering your damage immediately. It’s a good idea to call your insurance company right away when you discover water damage. Your insurance agent can start the claims process immediately, as well as guide you through the first steps you will need to take to protect your property from more damage.
  4. Keep in mind that you do not have to call the company that they recommend. You may choose any restoration specialist to restore your property for the insurance claim.
  5. The pollution level of water is important. Water damage is categorized as one of three levels by how polluted the water source was that caused the damage.
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